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Our regional partners

Our regional partners

AL-Saadi Law Firm is one of the most prominent local law firm in Jordan. The firm has an efficient team of experienced lawyers and a network of offices in the region.
The firm was set up by Mr. Mohammed Al Saadi. It is well – known regionally and internationally as one of the most outstanding legal services provider to Business, Banking, IT industries, civil cases, criminal cases, arbitration, taxation and collection services.

The firm has a number of distinguished and experienced advocates as well as legal consultants who provide practical solutions to legal disputes taking into consideration the clients' commercial objectives. The firm has in its service a competent team of legal assistants and administrative staff who provide the necessary support for the legal team. 

The firm is also associated with more than ten legal offices abroad to secure a suitable legal representation and services to its clients. The firm has a prominent role in the provision of legal services to the corporate and financial service sectors locally, regionally and internationally. 

In line with the rapid development of the region, as part of a careful study, the company has been established to provide legal services through consultants specializing in technology and contract legislation, secret agreements, contract protection and certification, electronic signature of agreements and advice, negotiation of technology transfer provisions, Advertising, service and labor agreements, and deal with disputes and registration.